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To be able to show your WordPress website on the internet, it will need to be hosted. WordPress hosting is often a subordinate child when a new WordPress website has been developed. However, a good WordPress hosting is an essential part of a successful website. It guarantees that the safety is well controlled, the charging time is fast and there is enough capacity to catch any peaks. This is for the benefit of the user experience, and Google will better evaluate your website for SEO.

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In the market there are many online hosting providers that offer very low hosting. By placing as many websites as possible on one server, a low monthly amount may be required. Therefore, users often experience a very slow website and soon leave the website. With isource you are assured of a fast-working and secure WordPress website.
Our monthly rates are highly market-based because of the better hosting quality.

WordPress hosting on Plesk panel

If you want easy boarding with all the flexibility, our Plesk Control Panel hosting from WordPress is a good start.

wordpress hosting isource

You have access to all functions for your domain, email and WordPress site. We provide daily backups, system updates and service monitoring. You have, of course, access to the management environment of WordPress, but it also has access to the server environment that is running WordPress via the Plesk control panel. You can customize code, manage databases, and manage all kinds of other settings. In addition, there is a special WordPress toolkit in Plesk to keep your website current and secure.

Managed WordPress hosting

If you prefer to be with your company than with your website, we advise managed Wordpree hosting. Then we provide all the management and updates of WordPress software, plug-ins, themes and other customization. Your swebsite is always up to date and secure. Especially for WordPress websites, iSource provides a so-called sharedhosting environment with high availability. This means that your website is on a number of virtual servers. These servers are shared with other customers’ WordPress websites. We only do that with our sites, so we are sure that all websites are functioning properly and properly. In this way we can offer hosting of your WordPress website at an attractive rate.

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More about our servers

The iSource servers are located in the secure data center of EU Networks in Amsterdam (Amstel Business Park). The data center itself has a Tier 3 standard, this is the highest available Tier standard in the Netherlands. This Tier 3 standardization is achieved by an additional backup system of power supply, cooling and emergency power supply. Also, all racks are standard with a dual power outlet. The total technical installation in the data center has an uptime of 99.982%. We choose EU Networks so we can offer you a high quality hosting service. In addition, we use A-brands when it comes to our hardware and support.

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