Cloud Desktop

Access your desktop

With Cloud Desktop, you can access your documents, your email, and the programs you want. Work anywhere and whenever you want on any device you want. With isource, your data is securely stored in our data center located in Amsterdam. We ensuredaily backups, so if your PC crashes or you lose your mobile device, all files are safe and remain accessible to you.

Cloud Desktop is not expensive, please check our rates directly.

Save IT costs

Cloud Desktop provides a scalable cloud solution for a fixed monthly fee per user. If your business grows, you can easily scale up and we can add employees to your environment.

Cloud Desktop also ensures big savings because a large part of IT management is done by us. Backup, licenses, maintenance, availability, capacity, etc. are all regulated by us. We make sure that the Cloud Desktop service is always available to you and your colleagues.



isource cloud desktop

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